What is a Food Lable in Canada?

A Food label is a Sticker that is on every Food, Box, can or Packaging that shows Information about Nutriment and Ingredients.

Example of Canadian Food Lable

If you are a food producer or if you want to sell foods in Canada you need to have your very own Foods Lable and Nutrition Facts.

Of course, you can’t create those by yourself!

Food Labeling in Canada is Strictly regulated and to make sure all your labels are respecting all laws and regulations you need to hire a Specialized Food Labeling Company.

Here is a Breakdown of the Best Food Labeling companies in Canada in 2022

1- FTC International is the #1 Company when is time to get your Food Label in Canada.

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2- SGS

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3-NSF Labeling

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Nutrition Facts in Canada
Nutrition Facts in Canada

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